Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial
We offer excellent Commercial & Industrial Solutions for cleaning, fogging and sanitization.


Presenting a clean and healthy work environment is both vitally important to employees and customers alike. A typical office worker will spend about a third of their lives inside the work space.
If this work space is dirty and breading germs, work production is guaranteed to be reduced. Regular cleaned office create a more relaxed and happier working environment.
We provide a variety of services tailored to your office needs.
All chemicals used provide a Natural Disinfectant, effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi.


Did you know carpets can hold as much as four times their weight in dirt. Carpets are a perfect holders for dirt,bacteria and mold. In fact dirty carpets
can lead to serious health issues. Our unique cleaning method, a wet clean method, will remove over 90% of dirt and bacteria. Leaving your carpets slightly damp, but with a little bit sunshine and care you’ll carpets will be left mold and mildew free. All chemicals used provide a Natural Disinfectant, effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi.


The need for office furniture cleaning is one that is often overlooked. Furniture can be a breeding ground for many virus and bacteria. First upholstery is inspected to make note of any tears or damage. The upholstery is then sprayed down with fabric cleaner. A scrub and extraction method is used.Leaving your upholstered furniture fresh-smelling and germ free.


Wax buildup on resilient fooring causes it to yellow in time. Frequent cleaning is necessary to prevent dirt and stains from building up in the wax layer.
Our Superior Tile Cleaning method provides a scrub and extraction method leaving your foor free of any wax build up. Breathing new life into yourfoor.
Most grout mixtures are porous in nature. The problem with this is, the pores allow dirt to find there way into your grout. In time your grout begins to disfgure. You won’t believe the actual
colour once we are done!


All workplaces have an obligation to provide a safe and hygienic working environment.This especially applies to your Rest Rooms and ablution blocks.
Our services include once off Deep Cleans as well as maintenance contracts servicing all sanitation and cleaning needs.
All chemicals used provide a Natural Disinfectant, effective against viruses,bacteria and fungi.


The sooner you remove the water from the affected area the less damage will occur. Most water damaged is caused by the water that sits around. As the excess water begins to seep into the foors and walls irreversible constructional damage may occur. Our services included emergency water damage clean up as well as post extraction cleaning and sanitising preventing the build up of mildew, mold and other harmful bacteria.


We understand post construction can be a messy business, demanding the expertise of professionals especially when it comes toclean up.
Let us help you show off your workmanship by providing you with our specialised deepclean and sanitisation services. We can preform all stages of construction clean up. Services cover new and renovated commercial projects. Services can be tailored to your specifc needs.


Did you know, having your windows sparkly clean can actually positively impact employee productively and boosts morale. Staring out a window with a clear view can be mentally refreshing. Inviting natural sunlight and all it’s health benefits. We provide once off cleaning or maintenance contracts.